“I was living every day in misery and didn’t want to get out of bed. I couldn’t do any fun things. People wanted to go bike riding or bowling, and I just didn’t want to. Chronic pain ruins everything. It colored everything for me pretty badly. I wasn’t ready for another surgery so I had a second injection and it was a miracle! From a solid seven pain level every day, now my pain is at a level one, if at all. I’m back in my garden, with pets, grand kids, now having fun with them. I am totally psyched, thrilled, emotional, excited about everything. Most people in chronic pain don’t like to talk about it much,because that’s all we think or talk about and nobody likes to hear it all the time. Don’t give up- keep trying, go to another doctor, try some other treatment.Now it’s all worth everything!”

A.H.M, Retired Handbag Designer

“I have had neck pain and severe migraine headaches and I haven’t had much success with migraine medications. I wanted to be more proactive, so I choose to go see Dr. Navani. My first initial experience was outstanding service. The treatment that worked was the occipital nerve block. I did not get a headache the morning after the procedure. It was a simple procedure. I am able to exercise again. It’s exciting not to have a constant headache- it creates a happier home for myself and for my family. Now I don’t even have to think about the pain. I have been hiking in the sun and heat. If you’re skeptical, I would do some research- it’s very non-invasive and the results are absolutely amazing. I’m so pleased. I am very happy to have some relief,finally, from Dr. Navani.”

S.M, Secretary

I am a Registered Nurse, who was injured severely at work, and suffered debilitating, and systemic pain for over four years. I was giving up,until I met Dr. Navani. She took personal interest, listened to me, and determined the best plan of care. Dr. Navani’s expert and caring methods quickly reduced my pain, all the while she encouraged me. Her wonderful and personal care has brought me back to the threshold of wellness, where I am beginning to enjoy a full life again. It is my great pleasure to have this opportunity, to thank Dr. Navani and her wonderful staff, for their excellent care.

D. B. RN

I have been going to Comprehensive Pain Management Center for some time now and the welcome one gets from the entire staff is wonderful.Every single employee there is so kind and helpful. My doctors are great when I go for my visits. It is as if they feel your pain too. I have constant pain so when I get there the kindness from each one of them is so great, it’s as if my pain is gone. I recommend anyone with pain to go here. You will get treated so good you even look forward to going back. They ROCK. Good job to the entire staff of the Comprehensive Pain Management Center.

L.A. Retired Law Enforcement Officer

Dr Annu Navani at Comprehensive Pain Management was highly recommended to me by my podiatrist. I am so elated to have found such a great doctor. Dr. Navani is so knowledgeable, caring and up to date on the latest technology. I had a nerve block injection and I was so amazed at how well it has worked. For the first time in many years I have received some significant relief from my severe foot pain. Now I can stand for longer periods of time without continually thinking about when I can give my feet a break. The entire staff at their office is really great and very nice to work with.

S.F, Flight Attendant

“Living with chronic pain is quite a challenge. Some days my lower back feels like a knife is jabbing into me. Other days my legs and feet will spasm, ache, and burn. There are times when medication and exercise do not completely help. These are the times I rely on prayer. I couldn’t go through the pain as well without the help of the Comprehensive Pain Management Center.Dr. Annu Navani has supported me through the past seven years. She and her efficient staff have helped me with their expertise in pain management. Recently,I fractured my sacrum. Dr. Navani and her staff immediately ordered the proper tests, evaluated my condition and successfully treated me. Her administrative staff saw to it that all my insurance paperwork was done in a timely manner.I’ve learned to stay positive through my condition. I get out of bed every morning and shower, put on make up, comb my hair and get dressed. I’m always ready to meet the day. I don’t allow pain to keep me from my daily schedule,even an occasional lunch with a friend. I don’t use a housekeeper because moving around is one of the best things I can do for my body. On my number “8″days I may have to recline and pt my legs up, but…I don’t lay around feeling sorry for myself. I push through my pain and stay positive to enjoy the best life I can. I would not be able to handle my pain if it were not for Dr. Navani and her team of specialists. I am grateful to each one.”

L.L, Retired Executive Secretary

Dr. Diana Abovsky is very professional and knowledgeable. Her expertise and perseverance guide her in the genuine care and treatment of her patients. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is living with chronic conditions and/or pain.

R.F, Flight Attendent

I sure hope that you could come see the “Nutcracker” production because if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to do this at all! Not too long ago I couldn’t even walk and I was on mass amounts of narcotic pain meds and today I have been clean for a year and two months and virtually pain free! The injections that you gave me have given me a list that I never dreamed possible! I am so very grateful for the freedom that I have been given… thank you for all that you have done! It would be great if you could see the result of your work in action at one of our productions. You’re the best!

M.B, Aesthetician and now Actor

I moved away from California and the care of Dr. Navani about sixteen months ago, it took me a few months to write this and to reflect back and I am hoping that patients who read this and come under her care will be inspired by my story. My story goes like this…. I thought no one was as knowledgeable about my pain but me until I met Dr Navani. I knew right then and there that I had found a doctor who was going to put my needs first and get to the bottom of the pain like no one had before. She did exactly that. I did what she told me to and within three months my pain was under control. My pain levels were low and I was happy again. I wanted to once again leave my home, go to work, and out with friends. When I moved away, I had to find a new pain management doctor. I moved to Georgia and I thought I had made one of the biggest mistakes of my life as I could not find a doctor like Dr.Navani…. I looked everywhere but she could not be found. The end to the story is that I did find a wonderful doctor whom I like and trust very much BUT HE’S NOT DOCTOR NAVANI. She cares about you and she will be there for you. Open up to her so she will know you inside and out and don’t ever be afraid to tell her what it’s on your mind or bothering you. You must trust her! I promise you that you will have a kind doctor who is eager to help you regain your health back so you can live a normal life again. You never know what you have until you don’t have it anymore. Dr. Navani is one of those wonderful loving doctors with a gift to heal not only your health but your soul. The world could use a million more just like her. To you, Dr. Navani from the bottom of my spine L4 L5 S1, I miss you and thank you for the many years we have had working together on my back and to your entire team that always made me feel like I was the only one in the office. Thank you!

G.D, Interior Designer

No matter how much I learned online about my upcoming spinal surgery, the more informed I was the more “panic mode” would set in, especially about the pain. Frankly, I was terrified. Fortunately, I had Dr. Navani on my team as pain management specialist. I have been under her care now for months;and post-op we have successfully lowered my need for the pain meds. Dr.Navani’s caring attitude and approach ability made my ordeal (especially through the months in ‘Halo’) much easier to cope with. Thank you, Dr. Navani. Kudos also to Erin, Lucia and Yvonne – staff extraordinaire!

S.J.H, Author


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